Thursday, December 23, 2010

Auto giant push new energy technology in Detroit auto show

North American Auto Show 2009 auto show in history will be the very special session, which is after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, world-class auto show held for the first time, in which the near-collapse of the North American automotive market. Although Qiao Sela on this show is still optimistic, but he said the information is not difficult to find this year's North American auto show than in the past will be "very special."
Careful observation of the fans are not difficult to find, the current North American Auto Show, the major car firms were not affected by the immediate boss of the financial crisis, while the vote will be looking far ahead, they are invariably the launch of its new energy technologies in the new vehicles, following up and look for a major automobile car prices in the future model of sustainable development strategies.

Million Harley beneath shows costly

In the U.S., Harley-Davidson's major consumer groups are private owners, lawyers and other middle class. China? Hanmahalei club in Beijing more than six members, 80% of business people, four of which are foreign companies into foreign management. Most of them have passed Buhuozhinian successful career, has a middle-aged man of calm, wisdom and generosity.
"With Harley-Davidson who will never be used as a means of transport. At least, has a private car. Their hands at least 500,000 to 1,000,000 yuan of spare cash, buy a Harley is nothing more than to buy their favorite big toys. "Zhao, gave away the secret: Harley is the exclusive rich. "The financial crisis must not affect the Harley. Those Harley fans will think it bad business to do anyway, and no longer continue to invest, simply buy a Harley to play."

Toyota suffered first losses in 70 years

Toyota suffered Liunianbuli. The first is December 22, 2008, Toyota issued profit warnings, as of March 31, 2009 consolidated fiscal year 2008 operating loss of 1,500 billion yen (1.68 billion U.S. dollars), because the United States, decline in auto demand in Europe and Japan as well as the appreciation of the yen against the dollar - as the largest market capitalization in Japan, Toyota is still operating loss for the first time in 70 years.
Previously, in response to the worsening global financial crisis, Toyota has factories in Japan and the United States to implement production cuts and the reduction of temporary workers, hoping to reduce costs, but also indefinitely postponed the establishment in Mississippi Prius hybrid car new factories and other investment plans.
United States, "The Wall Street Journal" reported that: In the face of 70 years of Toyota experience has not encountered difficulties, this year's president Katsuaki Watanabe will resign, transfer to the company chairman. Time when the global auto market downturn led to a difficult situation on the occasion of Toyota car, sparking speculation the outside world who will become his successor.
According to informed sources, this development does not mean that Toyota needs to change its strategic direction and leadership of the adjustment is largely due to the current chairman Fujio Cho health. Even so, the company's management restructuring, or will open a competition for the top leadership position Toyota race.

Who is anxiety for fuel?

Things every year, particularly this year. In particular, oil prices rose in recent months, big drop, the international financial crisis spread worldwide and each car owners have a stake. The last 14 years has been heard and seen the "human" fuel tax, after a "re-choose the choose the" after recently finally moving from the real grid. Dystocia caused by many years because the fuel tax is simply the interests of all is never a better balanced approach. After the tax reform, concerns related to the interests of the transport sector can not be guaranteed, while the road toll system relying on hundreds of thousands of workers to feed the whereabouts of the fuel tax issue is a huge obstacle along the road capacity. With international oil prices to 50 dollars a crazy shrink, fuel tax and international standards like the best time has come. So the agenda of the fuel tax to be lively again put on the table. The chosen path of least resistance to cut road maintenance fee, it is this evasive approach, coupled with domestic oil products is still strong with puzzling style, so as vulnerable groups of people began to hot fuel tax.

Future biofuel development direction: let cars eat junk

Competing with food, and food fight, not the intention of developing bio-fuels. Non-food raw materials, energy used to do, let the car eat junk, this is the future of the development of biofuels.
People began to realize that car is a much-needed drink problem, because oil is not renewable energy, may disappear after a few years.
Oil as a vehicle for food, there is no doubt that was not enough, while on the road but can not stop the car running. Thus, the wisdom of mankind on their own to develop a new energy, which is both green and resource-rich biofuels.
Pressing the oil crisis of a dead man, the emergence of bio-fuels, and finally to human beings to find a "savior." Through biological resources biological production of these bio-ethanol and biodiesel fuels, the biggest advantage is the source of raw materials to the broad and easy. For example, bioethanol it, through the fermentation of plant starch or sugar can be distilled, and bio-diesel is vegetable oil and alcohol through the (usually methanol) obtained by esterification. Corn, soybeans, wheat and peanut and other food raw materials and straw, sweet sorghum, cassava, sweet potato, sugar cane, sugar beet, silver grass, switchgrass and other non-grain raw materials, can be bio-fuel raw materials. Thus, starting from the 70s of last century, biofuels have become the new darling of energy. Many countries as the use of renewable energy development an important direction, make great efforts to develop. Today, bio-ethanol production from food crops in the way of commercialization in the world.

Crisis orchard world car territory

The global automotive industry is facing a severe test. In the "down" and "save" two key runs through 2008, not a mainstream car prices are not as sharp decline in sales of panic anxiety, the same, and no country can produce a car in the "down" before putting the word crisis sit back and do not "save."
 However, in the "down" and "save" the game no matter who prevails, the world's automotive landscape will usher in the last century, the biggest change since the 70s.
Map of the world's car because of the traditional "6 +3" no longer vehicle structure was reconstructed it? Reporters that the mere "6 +3" pattern of the automotive industry has indeed not fully representative of the world auto map, and this pattern will not necessarily be broken, in fact, auto layout should be more reflected the concept of geographic market. Therefore, to analyze changes in the world auto map, you need to start from the breakdown of the geographic market.

Russia car dealers announced rises auto sales price

Russian media reports, when European car prices, car dealers in Russia but have announced the increase of car sales prices.
Some cars now have to raise prices, Toyota and Lexus all models (except in the Russian assembly Camry) have increased the sales price.
Such as the Toyota Yaris cars a minimum configuration of the original price of 480,000 rubles (1 U.S. dollar equals 27-28 rubles), now priced at 512,000 rubles. Toyota Corolla original 500,000 rubles, 542,000 rubles from now, the Auris 1.4-liter displacement to 57.8 million rubles in current prices. Toyota price increases on the grounds that the U.S. dollar, U.S. dollar exchange rate compared with the summer increase of 17%. Honda, Mazda and Nissan and other foreign cars are ready to raise prices, even the Volga automobile plant Lada cars will be announced 2-3% price increase.